I’m going with Stencyl

So after a couple weeks of playing around with Stencyl and Construct 2 I’ve decided that I’m going to use Stencyl for the time being. Probably the biggest factor in my decision was Linux support. Currently I run Ubuntu 13.04 on my desktop and rarely ever boot into Windows. Construct 2 just didn’t give me a good enough reason to boot into that OS. I did some basic prototyping of a game I’m working on (to be announced soon) using both of the tools and Stencyl just felt better to me. I was a little wary of Stencyl’s behaviors but once you get in there and start creating your own you really start to see how easy it is and just how much power you have. I managed to create my own actor behavior for shooting bullets and get it working reasonably well within an hour. I feel like the behaviors in Stencyl are far more reusable and they’re also easier to create than custom behaviors in Construct 2. I also really like that I can use Stencyl for free without any feature limitations and then just pay the subscription fee when my product is ready for publishing. Expect to see some game development progress videos in the near future and possibly some Stencyl tutorials from me as well.