How to generate a spritesheet from layers in GIMP

Up to this point whenever I’ve needed to make sprites for a game I’ve always used layered images to handle the multiple frames. A traditional spritesheet on the other hand places the sprites next to each other in one image. It looks something like this.


And then that turns into an animation.


The reason I don’t just draw my sprites in the spritesheet is that it’s tedious to try and make the sure the sprites are spaced correctly. The advantage to using the layered image is that you don’t have to worry about spacing sprites out and you can show/hide layers below which is really helpful when trying to draw the next frame in an animation. So lately I’ve been using Stencyl and it expects to import frames from a spritesheet, thus I needed to find an easy way to generate a spritesheet from a layered image. Fortunately, somebody already wrote a plugin for GIMP to do this. You can grab it here. Once you got it downloaded just copy it to /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts. After that reload GIMP and you should now have the plugin installed under the Filters menu as shown below.


With your layered image already open just select Create From Layers and it’ll generate the spritesheet as a new image.

  • Bengalaa

    ZOMG! that’s awesome… I hate having to worry about the right spacing between images, you have changed my life! @.@

    Thanks ducky-pond ^w^

  • Paleominius Benz

    coool!! that is so useful

  • Ramon Carroll

    So glad I found this. Still worked like a charm in the latest version of GIMP too. Thank you.

  • Bilen ┼×ahin Ahmet

    This really is a great little plugin

  • Cristiano

    Useful plugin. Thanks for sharing it!

  • karlhulme

    fantastic, thanks for posting this.