I’m done with game programming

Since I got into programming about 12 years I’ve always tried and aspired to program games. I was usually of the mind that way for me to do this was always to build the game from the ground up (all code from scratch). But recently in looking at how many actual games I’ve completed (maybe three or so) I think I really need to give up on the programming aspect as this is the part that just consumes far too much time for me.

In looking at around at some of the indie games being sold on Steam and Desura I noticed that quite a handful are created using products like Multimedia Fusion 2 or GameMaker. I always tended to write said programs off because I didn’t think they were all that powerful. Then I played some of the games and man was I wrong. In case you haven’t played any I’d recommend the following.

  • Noitu Love 2 (Steam)
  • Oniken (Desura)
  • Crystal Towers 2 (Desura)

The stuff I’ve seen these rapid game creation tools turn out is simply amazing. So given the fact that I’m currently working on some artwork for a new game I thought I’d download Multimedia Fusion 2 and see if I could prototype something easily. After learning the interface and reading a couple tutorials I’ve really started to get the hang of it and after a few hours I was able to get a partial intro sequence and some very basic gameplay working. At that point I was sold. That kind of progress usually takes me a couple weeks when I’m coding everything from scratch. For so long I’ve focused on the programming aspect and while that is fun at times, what I really wanted to do was focus on the actual gameplay design and bring my ideas to life.

You’re allowed to sell products made with Multimedia Fusion 2 and it has several exporters you can purchase additionally to output for different platforms (Adobe Flash, Android, XNA). I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about game development because with these tools I’m truly finding that might just be able to realize my dream of being a game developer and grab myself a piece of the ever-expanding indie game market.