How to create a Boo ASP.NET project in MonoDevelop

I’ve recently been doing a lot of research and development in .NET languages (primarily C#). However, I happened to stumble upon a new .NET language called Boo that is very similar to IronPython but can do the extra things that it can’t such as attributes. Anyway, MonoDevelop has project templates for ASP.NET projects using Boo so I decided to see if I could build a quick test project.

I work off a Debian-based Linux system so packages you’ll need for this are monodevelop, mono-xsp, and monodevelop-boo. After that fire up MonoDevelop and start a new solution. Select the Web Application under Boo, ASP.NET tree.

Once the solution has been created you should have a base project. However, this default Boo template project is broken. The problem lies in the fact that web.config doesn’t have the compiler configured for Boo. In particular were looking at the <compilation> element, below is the default that doesn’t work.


And then here’s what you need to replace that with.


After that you just need to remove the Language=”Boo” line in the page directive of the Default.aspx file. Now hit Run and the project should start up in XSP without complaining about a missing compiler.